From the bottom of my heart.

If thank you was enough, I’d leave it at that. 

One of the many things I have learned this year is that life is meant to be lived together, as a team.

My favorite human, Bob Goff, says “God doesn’t pass us messages; He gives us each other.” 

So here’s to you, the people He has given me. You reading this right now — the cheerleader, the encourager, the designer, the taste tester, the shoulder to cry on, the mentor, the road tripping pal, the photographer, the crafter, the woodsman, the retailer, the salesperson, the marketer, the promoter, the dreamer, the advice giver, the supporter, the hostess with the mostess, the driver, the baker, the family member, the friend, the follower, the divine acquaintance, the soul sister, the lover. 

Wouldn’t life be a lot different if we looked at each other as a gift? You are a gift to me. Just as we all have different gifts that make up the body of Christ, you all are the pieces that are building up Granarly into something I could never do alone.

Granarly — something that began as a dream is quite literally my life now. A seed once mistaken as small and insignificant is now a blossoming, growing flower just asking to be watered, nurtured, and set out for the world to enjoy. 

This year alone Granarly has taken me to Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver gourmet food markets. In addition, I’ve personally been able to take the company to Hawaii, Madagascar, and Austin, TX. We’ve grown into 65+ stores just this year. We’ve increased our online sales, added a new top-selling blend, and expanded our Granarly Gear line. 

Unexpectedly but gratefully we were blessed with a food truck, competed in a food truck festival, and now have a “store on the go” in our new home in Texas. We started a team of Granarly Gurus, have people representing this brand not only in the United States, but all over the world. We made the news. We were in a magazine. We went on retreats. We gave back. We supported missions. We defined our mission.  

Yes the traveling is beautiful, the open doors are a blessing, the sales are encouraging; but the part that gives this brand a backbone is the stories. I could cry just mentioning the stories I’ve heard. Through Granarly I’ve be able to connect with people who have an idea and want to know practical steps on getting their business going. I’ve heard story after story of people who feel inspired to chase their biggest dreams, people who are stepping forward fearless and full of faith. I’ve had the opportunity to spend an entire 3 days with a solid group of humans that want to fill the gap and do good in their communities. This is what Granarly was created for. This is the God-dream of my heart.

The funny thing is, most of the time I feel like I don’t even know what I’m doing. It’s all a journey. And the best part? WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 

So thank you. To those who I can call / text at any time of the day and know you may not have the answer, but can guide me. To those who cheer me on to keep going, because let’s be real, it does get hard. To those who keeping buying. To those rocking the t-shirts and hats and stickers on their water bottles. The list goes on and on, but I hope you know how grateful I am for you. Without my sweet, sweet Father in Heaven and all of you, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am on this wild adventure.

Granarly isn’t mine. It isn’t something I want to be selfish with. It’s something to be shared, something to be a part of, something bigger than all of us. I invite you to join the family. You are welcomed here. We are making a difference. Together, we can continue to go against the grain. Together we can go, give, gather, and grow.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Morgan Potts