Dan Mabry: Homeowner Turned Homeless and What It Means to Live Never Satisfied.

Dan Mabry of West Monroe, LA, has been a friend of Granarly since day one. Actually, funny enough, Dan was one of the first people to ever taste Granarly! Crazy, right?

Recently, we caught wind on the ways Dan is going against the grain in his own personal life and how the Granarly story has inspired him on his new adventure. Check out this short interview below to learn more!

Dan Mabry & Morgan Potts

Where do you currently live?

Currently I don't have a place to live. I am working to live simply out of my truck, but staying with friends until I get it all set up the way I want it

If you could do anything in the world right now, all money aside, what would you do?

 I would really like a 4x4 Mercedes sprinter van that would be converted into a liveable space, so that I could be more self sufficient. I would use the van to travel around the world and pursue my podcast, meet as many people as possible, and share their stories filming my adventures along the way!

What does Go Against The Grain mean to you personally?

Go Against The Grain means breaking from the norm, from what society tell us what to do. It means following your heart, pursuing your passions and never giving up, never being satisfied.

How are you going against the grain in your life right now?

I recently threw away all the comfort I had in life by selling my house, quitting my job, in order to pursue my dreams of hosting my own podcast, and chasing a career in videography

What’s one of your wildest dreams that you hope to accomplish in a years time?

I honestly hope I will have over 100 episodes of the podcast online, be monetized on youtube, and still chasing whatever exciting video opportunities I have.

Any fun facts about yourself?

I love action sports and really anything that will get my adrenaline going and my heart rate up. I have recently become obsessed with long distance sports and hope to run a marathon in 2020

Your favorite Granarly blend?

I'm a chocoholic so i am a big fan of Cliff Notes, but Throw Me Something Gnarly (now Mardi Pardi!) always reminds me home! 

Follow along on Dan’s upcoming adventures by giving him a follow on his personal Instagram page, @dan.mabry

You can also check him out on Instagram through his podcast, @doseofdmp, where you will hear him have honest conversations with interesting people. Check out The Dan Mabry Project for more information and inspiring chats!

Dan, thank you for being a loyal Granarly ambassador and a true example of what it means to Go Against The Grain in your life. Just know, you always have your Granarly family cheering you on and fueling your dreams.