Are you a Granarly Guru?

The answer is yes.

Granarly Guru (n) : the face of Granarly ; one who is going against the grain in their life ; a person who is adventurous, passionate, and inspiring

What is my job?

Here's the beauty of it, you get to just be your amazing self! 

Eat Granarly, wear Granarly products, take pictures of Granarly, share Granarly, the opportunities are endless!

How does it work?

Fill out the form below and wait patiently to be receive your acceptance email. Shortly after, your Granarly Guru Adventure Pack will arrive.  Each pack consists of : Granarly, personalized promo code, and the sticker starter pack. Once you receive your pack, let the fun begin! This is a point based system. Points are earned by posting about Granarly, sharing your code, and many other ways. More points = more free product for you 


Go ahead. Get your fingers going.  

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